ea sports ufc 3 update 1.04 patch notes

EA Sports UFC 3 Update 1.02 Out Now, View Patch Notes

EA Sports UFC 3 update 1.02 is now available to download. The free patch adds in three new fighters: UFC Welterweight contender Colby Covington (sadly there’s no way to throw a boomerang at him), Bantamweight Tom Duquesnoy, and the talented Light Heavyweight striker Gökhan Saki. There’s also a ton of gameplay changes as well.

Check out the complete EA Sports UFC 3 update 1.02 patch notes:

Fighter Updates

  • Added three new fighters;
    • Colby Covington in Welterweight
    • Tom Duquesnoy in Bantamweight
    • Gökhan Saki in Light Heavyweight
  • Moved Yancy Medeiros to Welterweight; Moved Jake Matthews to Welterweight


  • Difficulty tuning; reducing jump in difficulty at Contender
  • Stamina increase for first WFA fight

Ultimate Team

  • Fighter and Move Items may now include a temporary boost effect
  • Multi-Boost Items are now available
  • UI improvements made to Solo Challenges

Gameplay AI Tuning

  • Reduced AI aggression
  • Reduced AI tendency to leg check
  • Reduced AI grappling transition frequency following denials
  • Reduced AI tendency to throw strikes from poor grappling positions
  • Tuned AI to throw more standing strikes
  • Added Justin Gaetjhe custom block to his AI

Gameplay Fixes

  • Fixed various combinations that did not trigger properly
  • Fixed free strike after an active knockdown, getup, or catch kick counter
  • Fixed free strike in Side Control after a Power Takedown
  • Fixed a hang in Guard Arm Trap Triangle
  • Fixed stamina bug with Holloway Custom Taunt
  • Many more various bug fixes

Gameplay Additions

  • Added Referee break interactions during Finish the Fight
  • Added Gokhan Saki signature combinations
  • Added Max Holloway signature switch stance combination
  • Added Anderson Silva signature taunts
  • Added a new backwards moving slip animation
  • Added ability to queue takedowns and clinch attempts after strikes
  • Added ability to quick transition to takedown attempts after ducking and striking
  • Added stamina penalty to health events

Gökhan Saki Combination List

Like every fighter, Gökhan has a unique set of combinations that can be performed. Use the legend below to try and string together his moves:

1 – Jab

2 – Straight

3 – Lead hook

3b – Lead body hook

4 – Back hook

5 – Lead uppercut

6 – Back uppercut

7 – Lead overhand

8 – Back overhand

Combination list:

  • 1-2-5-4-3
  • 1-2-3-3b-Back Leg Kick
  • 1-2-3b-5-4-back leg kick
  • 2-3-5-5
  • 2-5-4-3
  • 2-5-2-3-3b
  • 2-3b-3-4-3
  • 2b-3-3b-Back Ducking Roundhose
  • 3-3b-Back Ducking Roundhouse
  • 3-5-5-8
  • 3-3b-5-8-3
  • 3-3b-4-3-4
  • 3-4-3b-4-3
  • 3-4-3-4-3
  • 5-5-8
  • 8-7

Gameplay Tuning

  • Tuned block to come up quicker when switching between High and Low block
  • Tuned stopping power rules for Jabs and Straights against forward moving opponents
  • Tuned health event frequencies and thresholds
  • Tuned grapple ratings impact on transition speeds
  • Tuned contact frames logic for slipping strikes
  • Tuned stamina on missed and blocked slip strikes
  • Removed double Uppercut combination coming out of a slip
  • Tuned block breakdown
  • Tuned referee standup/break timer on the ground and in the clinch
  • Reduced range on Iminari Roll
  • Tuned Submission Gates
  • Tuned damage logic on combination exchanges
  • Tuned counter damage bonus per weightclass
  • Reduced number of strikes before Referee steps in during Finish the Fight
  • Force denial to sprawl on takedown attempts from the clinch
  • Allow health regen to a limit determined by chin damage during health events
  • Slow down movement speed while holding block and moving forward when a straight punch is thrown at your block
  • Add slip vulnerability to slip strikes
  • Add momentum advantage off sub crucifix transition cancel
  • Turn off grapple advantage when holding block in single collar
  • Add counter damage bonus to back lunge evasion
  • Add a small amount of side head vulnerability to forward moving strikes
  • Tune takedown speed and ranges

EA Sports UFC 3 update 1.02 is available now.