Activision Confirms Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Release in October, Official Reveal in May

Activision today confirmed that Call of Duty 2018 will be the fourth Black Ops title from Treyarch. They also revealed that a special community reveal event will be held on May 17 to officially unveil the game beyond the title and obnoxious “four tally marks” logo that I am already tired of typing out. After that, the game will have a global launch on October 12. Chances are high that private and public betas will find their way into that schedule somewhere, along with a lot more information to come at E3.

There have been a few weeks of suspiciously obvious leaks regarding Call of Duty: Black Ops 4GameStop’s internal system saw some leaks of Black Ops 4 merchandise , and NBA star James Harden was seen wearing a hat with what we now know is the first-person shooter’s logo.

Black Ops III also got a stealth update, adding a new snowy version of one of the maps, and new game mode, and a number of other little secrets and goodies. Call of Duty fans are still coming over the update to find anything of interest, but if it follows events from previous years, this update could hold some hints for what’s in store for Treyarch’s fourth foray into the Black Ops franchise.

No further details have been revealed, but some rumors say that Black Ops 4 will be set in modern day with a definitively boots on the ground attitude. Call of Duty’s foray in future tech and science fiction hasn’t previously been received all too well, so it makes sense for Treyarch to reign things in and bring Black Ops back to the dark mystery that the series was originally known for. Call of Duty: WWII’s return to that classic Call of Duty helped the series to rebound, and I’d expect Treyarch to revisit some of that nostalgia in their own line of the series.

It’s more than two months until we get more details at the community reveal event on May 17, but we’ll keep you updated as any other Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 details hit.

[Via: Venture Beat]