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Sony Celebrates International Women’s Day With Free PS4 Theme

Sony is celebrating International Women’s Day with a free PlayStation 4 theme. It features some of Sony’s most iconic characters such as Horizon Zero Dawn‘s Aloy, Ellie from The Last of Us, and the two leads of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. The artwork for the International Women’s Day theme was created by the talented Media Molecule artist Maja-Lisa Kehlet.

It doesn’t appear to be live on the North American PlayStation Store yet (feel free to insert your own timely joke about America’s lack of progressiveness), but you can grab it on any European storefront at the moment. So just head over to the UK PlayStation Store, where it can be redeemed for free.

For more on Media Molecule and Maja-Lisa Kehlet’s upcoming game, check out our Dreams preview. Here’s a snippet from it:

They almost seem more excited to put the Dreams in the players’ hands than to create stuff themselves. If Dreams attracts even a fraction of the creative users that LittleBigPlanet had, then we’re in for some quite incredible an unexpected treats (and my money’s on this one far exceeding even the success of the LittleBigPlanet franchise). LBP was chock full of limitations that creators learned how to work around as they made some things that I never thought would have been possible using that platform. Handing that same community an untethered game development suite, complete with the ability to drill down, collaborate, and form social communities? I’m eager to see what fruits come of that.

It’s impossible to fully explain just how big Dreams is, and how it is simply bursting at the seams with potential. While it may just look like a game, it could very possibly be the last game you’ll ever need. Whether you’re a creator, a player, or some blend of the two, anyone who gets a glimpse at Dreams will have to acknowledge that it lives up to the unlimited potential of its name. It’s a door that has limitless possibilities waiting just on the other side. Once you open that door, something becomes clear about Dreams, as impossible as it may seem: It’s bigger on the inside.

Dreams is set to release in 2018 exclusively for PlayStation 4.