Raiders of the Broken Planet Third Campaign, Hades Betrayal, Out in April

A brand new campaign will be coming to Raiders of the Broken Planet next month, as the Hades Betrayal campaign has been revealed to launch on April 4 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Much like the previous campaigns, Hades Betrayal will be available to purchase a stand-alone campaign for $9.99. You can check out a brief trailer for the new campaign below.

When Hades Betrayal launches, it will include four new missions – all of which are playable in single-player, 4 player co-op, or the 4 v 1 Antagonist mode – that feature one of the most powerful military organizations in the galaxy: The Hades Division. Not only will there be new missions, but a new character, the noble Ayana Kwena, will be joining the game as an exclusive character. According to MercurySteam, there will also be major overhauls to the progression and reward systems found in the game, along with a visual redesign to some of the features found in the game.

For more on what the Hades Betrayal campaign will bring, make sure to check out a brief description below:

Hades Betrayal’s launch will be accompanied by a major overhaul to Raiders of the Broken Planet’s progression and reward system, along with a visual redesign and inclusion of many new game features. Players will now be able to rank up to unlock new rewards, and with the new Forge system they can customize weapons obtained during the missions.

The Antagonist role has also been redesigned, with them now receiving similar rewards to those obtained by the Raiders – Experience, Gold, Faction Points and Weapon Blueprints – based on the player’s performance during the game.

Raiders of the Broken Planet is available now.