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Yoko Taro Seems Perplexed by the Idea of Riding Cats in Next NieR Game

Will the next NieR game feature an ability to ride cats? Probably not (who can really rule it out considering Yoko Taro’s track record, though), but that’s the question that was posed to the NieR: Automata director on Twitter. A user took a very adorable picture of a 2B plush on their cat, and Taro responded the only way he could:(@人@).

It’s a pretty great picture, so check it out:

View Yoko Taro’s response to the possible cat riding in the next NieR game below:

Same, honestly.

For more on 2017’s best video game, check out an excerpt of what I had to write in my NieR: Auotmata review:

The amount of emotions that NieR‘s story was able to get out of me is particularly impressive when you consider that the entire cast is comprised of androids and robots. It’s strange to type this, but all of the characters are truly humanized by the time the game’s fifth main ending is seen (there’s 22 in total — although the majority are gag endings that are easily missed). It’s hard to speak about a lot of what this title does really well without spoiling it, but Automata fully embraces that it’s a video game. There are certain gameplay moments (including the incredible end credits) that are absolutely mind-blowing, and this isn’t because of a story twist, but rather due to how the game manages to connect players into the overall experience.

NieR: Automata isn’t without problems, but it’s also a truly groundbreaking game. It won’t push a single genre forward, but it has the potential to change the entire medium. It takes advantage of player interactivity in ways that I’ve never seen before in order to create an incredibly memorable experience that’s a joy from beginning to end. Anyone who’s interested in what gaming can do that books and movies cannot needs to experience Yoko Taro and PlatinumGames’ masterpiece.

NieR: Automata is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC.