PlayStation 4 streaming services

PlayStation 4’s TV & Video Interface Gets Redesigned for a Greater User Experience

All PlayStation 4 streaming services and video channels just got better thanks to some much-needed discoverability features. As of April 2, the PlayStation 4 has implemented a new user interface to their TV & Video section designed for true playback efficiency.

The idea here is to improve discoverability among video content services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Prime Video, PlayStation Vue, and others. This naturally allows viewers to stay up-to-date with the latest TV shows and movies without ever skipping a beat.

This new design aims to make browsing and playback more seamless by having everything available without “jumping in and out of apps,” as the official PlayStation Blog describes. The new interface makes your console a more viable source to rent, purchase, and subscribe to third-party services without the need to explore other venues.

A new “Featured” section highlights the best content from all available sources so that viewers can easily find trending content from one location. Similarly, the “Spotlight” section introduces videos based on specific themes, such as Christmas or superhero-based content.

YouTube’s new personalization option enables you to link your existing account to the PlayStation Network and view personalized suggestions from there. Other content services will enjoy similar features in the near future.

Of course, Sony’s own PlayStation Vue didn’t stay behind either. The service now shows popular live channels in your area, in addition to implementing one-click access to livestreams based on your current plan and preferences.

Other goodies allow for quicker access to all available video services, as well as your PlayStation Store video library from the “My Videos” section.

Are you excited to watch video content the way it was meant to be? Be sure to check back for additional news and features as they become available.

[Via: PlayStation Blog]