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11 bit studios Confirms Frostpunk is Coming to PS4

When we previewed Frostpunk at E3 last year, the only confirmed platform was the PC with no planned console releases. I posted my preview of the game anyway, in hopes that 11 bit studios might hear the cries of their console fans that might want to play Frostpunk in their living room with a controller. Those pleas were heard and thanks to an interview at PAX East 2018, we now have confirmation that 11 bit studios has plans to bring Frostpunk to the PS4.

DualShcokers spoke to Senior Marketing Manager Karol Zajaczkowski about the game, and asked about the possibility of the game arriving on consoles. Perhaps slightly ahead of any intended announcement, Zajaczkowski confirmed that the studio “is working on the console version at the moment.” The announcement comes with a big caveat though. Frostpunk is headed to PC later this month, but there is no word on a time frame for the console release. Further conversation between DualShockers and Zajaczkowski revealed that it could potentially arrive before the end of the year, but that’s the most solid window we’ve been given so far.

The gap in time is to account for controls using a controller, rather than a mouse and keyboard. “[We want to] make 100% sure that when you play Frostpunk on consoles that you are struggling with the challenges from the game and not the challenges coming from the controller.”

Frostpunk PS4 and Xbox One are the primary platforms the team is targeting in their effort to bring the game to consoles, with mention of a Switch version not being a certainty. The studio wants to make sure that the architecture can run the game at a certain level of quality.

Our Frostpunk E3 preview highlighted a game that was about what society has been forced to do in extreme circumstances for survival and growth.

Where This War of Mine focused on individual stories, Frostpunkbecomes about society and the things you might read in a history book about communities pushed to the very edge, forced to take actions that we may find appalling, just to survive. In fact, the studio has been doing deep research into things that actually happened throughout history. That sawdust bit I mentioned actually happened in gulags. Cannibalism happened quite often in groups of settlers moving out west. Child labor has been a problem in many places and still is since basically forever. I can’t imagine the dark places this team has had to travel in order to find the perfect difficult choices that create a deep internal conflict, struggling to both maintain the light and hope of your town while making sure that there is still a tomorrow. Oft times it is an untenable balance.

Are you glad to see Frostpunk PS4 now confirmed after more than 9 months of speculation?

[Source: DualShockers]