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These Mary Skelter 2 Bonuses Are Exclusive to Select Stores in Japan

Compile Heart published a new trailer for their upcoming game Mary Skelter 2 on their YouTube channel. This video introduces bonus DLC and merchandise which are exclusively available on select stores in Japan.

You can also see the full list of Mary Skelter 2 store-exclusive bonuses, as posted on the Japanese official site, right below. Be advised that some of the illustrations in the Japanese trailer and website may come off as NSFW though.

In-Game DLC

  • Game TSUTAYA / TSUTAYA Online Shop

    T-Healer 2 class with Wand as a weapon for Hameln and Thumbelina
  • GEO

    G-Assassin 2 class with Guns as weapon for Sleeping Beauty and Red Riding Hood
  • Joshin

    JO-Singer 2 class with Microphone as a weapon for Rapunzel and Cinderella
  • Bic Camera Group

    Shura Sweater class with Knuckles as weapon for Snow White and Princess Kaguya
  • Yodobashi Camera

    Fascinating Magician class with Cards as weapon for Alice and Gretel

    Mary Skelter 2 dynamic theme for PlayStation 4


  • Amiami

    A5 mousepad for regular edition, B2 poster for limited edition
  • Sofmap

    B2 tapestry (limited edition only)
  • ebten

    Famitsu DX Pack containing B2 tapestry, Nightmare teacup, Little Mermaid acrylic keyholder, dynamic theme for PS4, and an optional 3D crystal of Alice
  • Trader

    B2 tapestry
  • WonderGOO

    Extra-large tapestry
  • Rakuten Books

    B2 poster
  • Dengekiya

    Dengeki SP Pack containing B2 tapestry, special booklet, and in-game DLC of Wet Bath Coop class with Rifle as a weapon for Tsuu and Little Mermaid


  • Imajin WEB Shop

    A1 poster

    KG-sized bromide
  • Enterking

    QUO card (only available in some outlets)
  • Game Shop Takarajima

    Microfiber cloth
  • Futaba Books game shops

  • COMG!

    QUO card
  • Animate

    B2 poster (purchasing through their online store will reward a bromide set)
  • Neo Wing

    Microfiber cloth
  • Theta Shop

    QUO card

As these items are only available in certain Japanese stores, it would prove quite difficult to get them all, especially to those who live outside of Japan. Only a few of these stores do offer international shipping, such as Amiami and Amazon Japan; the latter of which is also selling ebten’s Famitsu DX Pack.

Mary Skelter 2 will be released for PlayStation 4 in Japan on June 28.

[Source: Compile Heart]