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Watch the Official Teaser Trailer of Closed Nightmare

Nippon Ichi has officially published a teaser trailer for their upcoming horror game Closed Nightmare, as well as pre-opening the Japanese official website. Although Nippon Ichi still plans to fully reveal information on the game next week on April 19, details on the game have already appeared at the latest Dengeki PlayStation magazine issue, which has been already published in Japan.

You can read more details on Closed Nightmare right below:

Closed Nightmare is a horror-adventure game in which the player assumes the role of Maria Kamishiro, a girl who lost all of her past memories and somehow has her left hand paralyzed. When she wakes up in an unknown area, she gets forced to take part in a mysterious experiment by someone named Chizuru. In this game, Maria’s main objective will be to make her escape from this closed area.

There are four parts introduced in this article, which will form the gameplay system of Closed Nightmare. They are as follows:

  • Movie Part – Live action movies with a first-person view of the protagonist Maria are inserted at important points in the game.
  • Text Part – The gameplay proceeds with text on the screen. There are also multiple selections which will alter the story progression.
  • Exploration Part – Use the cursor to select a part you want to examine on the screen and find clues to make the escape. You can also use items you’ve obtained to gain even more information.
  • Gimmick Part – Each room in the building is fitted with various gimmicks. You are tasked to find the correct solution by using clues you have found in the Exploration Part.

Closed Nightmare will be released for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on July 19.

[Source: Nippon Ichi]