Blade Strangers trailer

Blade Strangers Coming Soon to PS4, Switch, and PC – Plus New Trailer Available

Nicalis has just confirmed that their upcoming fighter, Blade Strangers, is making its way to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and arcades later this summer.

Meanwhile, check out this new Blade Strangers trailer:

Developer Studio Saizensen wants to combine a classic gameplay style with various modern elements. Blade Strangers promises both offline and online modes, a diverse character roster, and fluid character animations mixed with flashy visuals.

Aside from a streamlined control scheme, the game features a wide range of combos and special moves for those looking to beat their opponent in style. The studio hopes this will ultimately provide hours of entertainment as players battle in intense, tournament-style competitions.

Getting back to character animations, Studio Saizensen says these are created using a unique and proprietary process. While 3D models render individual frames, these are subsequently converted into sprites to give them a manual touch-up by experienced 2D artists. This results in a cel-like presentation while also providing greater fluidity.

Blade Strangers also introduces brand new fighters along with existing characters from past titles and franchises. For example, Studio Saizensen welcomes faces from Code of Princess EX while Nicalis brings those from Cave Story+. In addition, four surprise guests are yet to be announced. Color us excited already!

Here’s a list of all confirmed characters so far, with more to come at a future date:

  • Lina – New character
  • Helen – New character
  • Solange – Code of Princess EX
  • Noko – Umihara Kawase series
  • Ali – Code of Princess EX
  • Master T – Code of Princess EX
  • Curly Brace – Cave Story+
  • Kawase – Umihara Kawase series
  • Emiko – Umihara Kawase series
  • Liongate – Code of Princess EX

In addition, players can expect an offline story mode, various missions, arcade and versus mode, along with the aforementioned online gameplay feature. Did we mention the game supports online leaderboards?

Blade Strangers will be available both digitally and physically later this summer on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and as a digital-only release on PC.