Obduction PSVR

First-Person Adventure Game Obduction Gets PSVR Treatment

American developer Cyan Worlds, which brought us the classic Myst series, has just announced that its latest title will come to the PlayStation VR this month. That’s right; an Obduction PSVR version will become available starting May 8.

According to a source, the first-person adventure game will receive the VR treatment for the PlayStation VR, several months after it made its debut on the PS4.

So what does this new version of Obduction have in store for us?

For console and PC fans who have already played the adventure title, Obduction will arrive in its full glory in virtual reality. Players will see and experience the full version of the game, complete with the beauty and majesty they loved in the current versions.

Since Obduction is a first-person adventure game, it perfectly fits the PlayStation VR, which should highlight its aesthetic beauty, and immersive playability.

Obduction is one of the larger PS VR experiences, so get ready to explore some crazy-cool spaces for a while,” said Cyan Worlds in a press release.

In case you’ve missed Obduction for the PS4, it is a sci-fi first-person game that focuses on adventure and a non-linear storyline. You will play a character who had been abducted by aliens and placed on another planet. You will need to search for clues, solve puzzles, travel distant worlds, and embark on an exciting adventure just to find your way back home. Check out our Obduction review to learn more.

Cyan Worlds began the development of Obduction in 2014, after a successful Kickstarter campaign during the previous year. Even with a new title, the developer wanted a similar approach to its well-received game Myst, which sold millions of copies in the late 1990s.

Obduction was first released for Windows-based PCs, followed by an Oculus Rift version in 2016. The supported devices expanded to MacOS and the PS4 in 2017.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]