Tokyo Chronos PSVR

New PSVR Mystery Adventure Game Announced

MyDearest has teamed up with the Sekai Project for a new “VR mystery adventure” game called Tokyo Chronos. They’ve currently slated it for release on PlayStation VR, Steam VR, and both Oculus Go and Rift in December 2018. It will support English, Japanese, and Chinese languages.

They currently have very little information about this upcoming title. On their teaser website, they say the next bits of info will drop in over 56 days (early July). It has a counter ticking down the seconds, minutes, hours, and days, in case you do want to mark your calendars for the exact moment in time. (If you visit the website, here’s your friendly seizure warning.)

We do, however, have a brief overview of the game’s story.

For how long, and why, have the been separated?

A group of eight who were friends since childhood.

The time came for the mystery to be revealed.

Time stopped, and the eight were trapped in a Shibuya where no one else existed.

In an unusual space where one person disappears at a time.

—I died. Who is the culprit?

More information will be dropped on July 5th at Anime Expo 2018 in Los Angeles.

[Source: Gematsu]