Skull and Bones delay

Ubisoft Delays Skull & Bones to 2019

In Ubisoft’s latest earnings report, the developer announced that they will push Skull & Bones to 2019 at the earliest. The original plan for this pirate title was to release in fall 2018.

Below is their full statement from the report regarding the matter.

In line with previous practices and in view of the acceleration of our digital transformation, growth in back-catalog sales and excellent momentum of recent releases, Ubisoft has decided to give itself more time to develop Skull & Bones to offer players an even more engaging experience. Skull & Bones is now scheduled for release in 2019-20.

Creative Director Justin A. Farren went into more detail on the official game forums. He explained that this is Ubisoft Singapore’s “biggest game yet” and “filled with immense passion.” As such, they want to make sure they “make this game right in order to achieve our ambition to deliver the ultimate pirate game set to thrill players at launch and for years to come.”

Our goal remains as clear as ever: build a shared systemic open ocean that captures the essence of the pirate fantasy and is full of activities. We aspire to create a game where the act of attacking and robbing ships at sea — and where every single decision you make — requires you to carefully assess the risk versus reward.

We also are building a world rich in lore and stories, where you’ll come across memorable characters and have the canvas to create your own stories. Letting you set your own objectives and to take down your rivals on your own terms is key to the experience we want to create.

It will appear at E3 this year as part of Ubisoft’s showcase, so we’ll be able to see what they’ve been working on thus far.

[Source: Ubisoft Forum]