Pro Tips for H1Z1: Battle Royale Open Beta When it Opens Tomorrow

Tomorrow H1Z1: Battle Royale will be available for free from the PlayStation Store as an open beta. Battle royale games are quite the rage these days, but one of the nice things about them is that each has their own hook. In the case of H1Z1, it’s a toxic gas.

One hundred players will parachute down onto a map in a ginormous free-for-all, as they gather loot, try to find safety, and kill everyone else around. Not long after landing, a toxic gas will start to spread over the map, which, over time, will shrink the map, forcing players to move into close combat. During this time, waves of higher level weapons will drop from the sky, which will also entice players to leave their roosts for better gear.

Game producer Terrence Yee provided a number of tips to the PlayStation blog to help both newcomers ease into H1Z1 and H1Z1 veterans to improve their game.

Starter Tips:

  1. Practice your aim and learn bullet drop mechanics in Combat Training before taking the dive into battle royale matches!
  2. Finding a weapon should be your first priority after touching down – remember, with 99 other players in the match, there’s always someone nearby.
  3. Master the weapon wheel – you can hold up to two weapons from the start, with level-1 and level-2 backpacks each unlocking a 3rd and 4th weapon slot.
  4. Pay attention to the planes overhead – the military crates they drop across the map are a guaranteed way to get more powerful gear and weapons.
  5. Use the minimap and compass to locate a vehicle – police cruisers, jeeps, trucks and ATVs make it easier to grab airdrops before the competition, and offer the quickest path to safety as the gas rings start closing.

Pro Tips:

  1. Looking for a fight? If you can’t wait to find your next opponent, hop in a police cruiser, press Right on the D-pad to turn on the sirens, and head towards an airdrop.
  2. Feeling exposed while opening an airdrop? Drop a smoke grenade to provide cover!

    Molotovs are a key item to surviving. When used strategically, they can force other players out from cover, making it easier to take them down.
  3. Don’t skyline yourself! It may be tempting to run along the top of the hill so that you get a commanding view of the area, but that means everyone in the area also gets a view of you!
  4. Move so your head is just under the crest of the hill—you’ll still see a lot, but prevent enemies from spotting you.
  5. Remember to upgrade your armor – standard helmets and makeshift armor can be looted throughout the map, but stronger tactical helmets and laminated armor can only be found in airdops and military crates.

You have all that written down and sealed into memory? Fantastic! Start stretching your hands now, block off time in your schedule, and get ready to go nuts with 99 other random battle royale fans when the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]