Star Trek Online Season 14.5 Officially Live, Adds New Featured Episode

Starting today, console players of Star Trek Online can boot up their game and prepare themselves for Season 14.5, which launches today for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. Not only will players be able to access a new featured episode recounting the story of Neth Par, but they will be also be getting a ton of gameplay improvements as well.

As stated above, the star of the mid-season update to Star Trek Online is The Renegade’s Regret, a story that tells the tale of Tzenkethi captain Neth Par, a captain who betrayed her species to save the Alliance. The episode will also feature Captain Geordi La Forge (voiced by LeVar Burton) and will introduce new gameplay experiences that will allow players to actually play as Neth Par herself. Alongside the episode, Season 14.5 will add a new Constable Secondary Specialization, inspired by Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Cryptic Studios has also released a brief overview of the upcoming episode, giving players a small rundown of what they can expect from the update. You can check that out below:

In addition to this fantastic episode we have a great collection of features for all of our captains to enjoy.  First, we’re adding the Constable Secondary Specialization, which was inspired by everyone’s favorite peacekeeper, Odo. The Constable Specialization allows you to pick your antagonist and use your skills to bring your target to justice. And we’re completely updating how the Infinity Lock Box works, while giving you access to T6 versions of some of our most popular ships, the Temporal Science and Temporal Destroyer Vessels.  These updates and episode combine to form an amazing package to get everyone ready to warp into the expansion this summer!

Star Trek Online is available now.