Action Platformer 20XX Jumps to PS4 This July

Batterystaple Games and Fire Hose Games have announced that their roguelike action platformer, 20XX, will come to consoles this summer. 20XX will jump to PlayStation 4 first on July 10, 2018, with Xbox One and Switch to follow on July 11, 2018. It’s already available for PC via Steam.

20XX is a marriage of classic action platformer gameplay with modern roguelike design,” said Chris King, founder, Batterystaple Games. “The project has been such an incredible success for our team on PC and we can’t wait to bring console players into the fold when it launches in July.”

20XX was inspired by classic Mega Man games, yet the developer promises it has “modern twists.” They explained that “20XX remixes retro design with roguelike elements to create an exciting ‘one more play’ experience around skill growth.”

Like any good action platformer, 20XX has players dashing, jumping, and blasting their way through procedurally-built levels. They opted to go the procedurally-generated route to emphasize players’ skills and situational awareness instead of memorization and execution. In addition, the game will have daily ranked challenges as well as co-op multiplayer (both online and couch co-op).

Originally named “Echoes of Eridu,” 20XX was a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding project. Not long after reaching their goal of $20,000, Batterystaple Games partnered with Fire Hose Games to finish development.