Yakuza 6 Has Biggest Series Launch in the United States

When Yakuza 6: The Song of Life launched in the United States last month, it did so to much fanfare. Fans had been waiting for some time to finally get their hands on the title, and that excitement translated to sales. According to the latest NPD’s, Yakuza 6 did well enough to slot into the 17th spot on the top 20 list of best-selling games for the month. While that might not seem high to most, that’s actually the best any Yakuza game has done in the Western territories, making Yakuza 6 the most successful Western release the franchise has ever known.

Of course, it’s not too hard to see why the game sold so well. Packed with content and a great story, people were longing for the latest Yakuza entry to hit the West for nearly two years before it finally did. Now that it’s out and selling well, it wouldn’t be surprising at all to see future entries in the series sell even more, which fans of the series will no doubt love to see. Sega has yet to divulge the exact sales number for the Western release of Yakuza 6, but even without those, it’s almost certain that the latest entry has made its mark overseas.

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[Source: SEGABits]