PlayStation Developers Choice Awards 2018 Winners

PlayStation Developers Choice Awards 2018 Winners Announced

PlayStation Developers Choice Awards 2018 Winners

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) held a PlayStation Developer Conference on May 24-25 in Japan. This was an event for PlayStation 4 developers which had seminar sessions on new technology information related to the PS4. At the same event, SIE also held the PlayStation Developers Choice Awards 2018, where developers vote for the best games in six different categories.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia’s president Atsushi Morita presented the six awards to the winners. In the list below, you will be able to check a couple of reasons for choosing the game in the category as written by developers who voted, as well as people receiving the awards who represented the games.

  • Best Visual Arts

    Dragon Ball FighterZ (Bandai Namco Entertainment)

    “This showed the pinnacle of toon rendering in the golden age of realistic 3D [games].”

    “This showed one of the answers of applying intense, high-speed battles that anyone who read the original manga would imagine, into a game.”

    Award received by Bandai Namco’s producer Tomoko Hiroki and Arc System Works’ Director/Technical Artist Junya C. Motomura
  • Best Audio

    Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age (Square Enix)

    “While also having new songs, the famous songs that never fade away even after numerous years left an impression.”

    “Mr. (Koichi) Sugiyama’s music and echoes filled with love towards Dragon Quest are the reasons.”

    Award received by Square Enix’s director Takeshi Uchikawa
  • Best VR

    V! What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord? R (Sony Interactive Entertainment)

    “The characters’ overwhelming presences. It has a new experience of a fantasy board game unfolding realistically on my own hand.”

    “It demonstrates a new form of VR experience in home VR devices.”

    Award received by SIE Japan Studio’s series producer Masami Yamamoto and Acquire’s series director Haruyuki Ohashi
  • Best Game Design

    Monster Hunter: World (Capcom)

    “The design surpassed what’s desired from the series.”

    “I actually felt this good feeling of playing through [the game].”

    Award received by Capcom’s producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, director Yuya Tokuda, and executive director/art director Kaname Fujioka
  • Best Technology

    Assassin’s Creed Origins (Ubisoft)

    “A perfect sandbox, including the buildings. They always look forward when inspecting the technology.”

    “By prioritizing the character control feels, they did well in using their power to adjust so that it connects without feeling off.”

    Award received by Ubisoft’s release management manager Sadayuki Kishida
  • Game of the Year

    Monster Hunter: World (Capcom)

    “This title caused a whirlwind in the middle of Japanese titles which struggled to expand globally.”

    “The asset management feature is great. Our company would also like to think how to work around this.”

    Award received by Capcom’s producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, director Yuya Tokuda, and executive director/art director Kaname Fujioka

What do you think about the PlayStation Developers Choice Awards 2018 winners? Do you agree with the developers? Sound your opinions in the comments below.

[Source: Famitsu]