New Trailer for Combat Racer GRIP Speeds In, Fall Release Window

Inspired by the classic arcade combat racer, Rollcage, GRIP is an upcoming game from Caged Element and Wired Productions. Many of the people on the development team are veterans of the industry that actually worked on Rollcage and are bringing that racing-game expertise to fruition in GRIP.

To announce the release window of fall 2018, Wired Productions put together a whole new trailer showing off the insanely fast gameplay full of everything you would expect from a combat racing game in the same vein as Rollcage. Yes, that means lots of explosions. Wired Productions says that GRIP will take full advantage of the current generation of hardware, benefiting from the enhanced power of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Principal Progammer Robert Baker said “GRIP is truly poised to be the spiritual successor to the Rollcage games of the late 90s that so many people loved playing.” Caged Element isn’t skimping on the content either. GRIP will launch with 19 tracks featuring a number of different themes. There are 11 different weapons and power-ups–from explosive darts, mines, and missiles to shields and turbos–that players can use to cause mayhem on the track and cross the finish line first.

At release there will be 15 different armored cars to choose from, both light and agile, and hulking and armored. The cars can be outfitted with various visual customizations to suit each player’s style. Wired Productions will be detailing more information about the game’s cars, tracks, weapons, and other modes–including Carkour and Arena–later this year. You can take a look at some fresh GRIP screenshots and art in the gallery below.

We actually had a chance to go hands-on with GRIP at GDC this year and called it Twisted Metal with a sci-fi twist. We may not have an exact GRIP release date outside of that fall 2018 window, but it will be racing to that finish line before we know it.