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E3 2018: The Last of Us Part II Animation and AI Overhaul

Following the impressive The Last of Us Part 2‘s E3 2018 demo, many people started asking questions about the gameplay and changes Naughty Dog has made since the original game. Thankfully, a majority of these questions were answered by key members from Naughty Dog, including game director Neil Druckmann. The Last of Us Part 2 E3 2018 Panel unveils a whole lot of new info about the hugely anticipated game.

One of the biggest changes the developers have worked on is animation, which apparently has got a major overhaul. The goal was to have Ellie move and fight naturally. This has not been easy to accomplish, but the key behind that idea was to create a sort of seamless transition between each enemy encounter. This was particularly obvious in the game’s E3 2018 gameplay trailer. They also took the opportunity recently to explain the violence in The Last of Us Part 2.

Apart from that, Neil and other members of the Naughty Dog dev team continued to talk about the progress they have made since the original. Another huge improvement was creating a more responsive and well-organized AI system, which makes foes react to your movement. For instance, should they hear you, they will start whistling to each other and will organize a search more efficiently as a group. That’s certainly quite an achievement, especially seeing as how intelligent enemies already were in the first game.

More cool things were revealed about the project when voice actresses Ashley Johnson and Shannon Woodward appeared and started talking more about their efforts to bring some of the game’s characters to life in the long-awaited sequel.

There was no release date given. They simply said that they are going to announce a release date when they are confident that the project is coming to a conclusion. Until then, The Last of Us Part 2 release date remains a mystery.

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