Philadelphia Eagles Number One in Madden NFL 19 Team Ratings

Before a ball has even been punted in frustration, gridiron fans often clamor for ratings, rankings and all the rest of it to ensure a spirited debate that’ll last until August. Madden NFL 19 is no different. If the NBC Instagram account can be taken at face value, these Madden Team Ratings may just have more than a few loyal fans throwing flags in EA’s direction.

Well. That’s quite some list. While it isn’t much of a surprise to see Super Bowl champs the Philadelphia Eagles leading the way on 90 overall, it is strange to see them so far out in front, a full six points better than everyone’s favorite pantomime villains, the New England Patriots.

Down at the other end of the scale, my beloved Colts (don’t laugh) are propped up from bottom spot only by the terrible trio that are the Cardinals, Giants and, you guessed it, the Jets.

With the Madden team ratings normally drawing from the previous season’s form (and beyond) for its rankings, it’ll be interesting to see how much of that actually holds up with so many comings and goings ahead of the 2019 football season. For one thing, I think the Jags, at 83 overall, might be a touch too high and I’m not convinced the Ravens are a better team than the 49ers. So, let’s argue about it until the game arrives on August 10, shall we?