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Second Annual PlayStation Experience in South East Asia (PSX SEA) Confirmed

You can’t have a successful company without building a level of community. That’s why events like PlayStation Experience (PSX) are so important. And that’s why it’s great to hear that the PSX event is making another appearance in South East Asia (SEA). While the dates and exact location are yet to be announced, based on last year’s event, there’s a lot to be excited for,

PSX originally began in 2014 in Last Vegas. Held annually in the United States, PSX is a beloved event that was met with open arms last year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

PlayStation Experience 2017 SEA brought fans and media alike hands on demos of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR games from E3 to the fans and media in South East Asian region. Last year folks got to enjoy titles like Detroit: Become HumanEverybody’s GolfFar Cry 5 Gran Turismo SportKnack 2, No Heroes Allowed! VR and more. Given PlayStation’s E3 presentation this year, it’ll be interesting to see which titles show up at PSX SEA 2018.

Assuming they follow the same format, PlayStation Experience SEA 2018 will have Game Stage Events in which various game developers and/or representatives take the stage to share insight on upcoming titles, plus do some cool giveaways and other fun activities.