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Life is Strange 2 is Available for Preorder and It’s Not Cheap

Life is Strange and it just keeps getting stranger with the release of Life is Strange 2, already set for September 27th. Since the original game’s release in 2015, there have been lot of fan theories and appreciation. We were even given a prequel, Life is Strange: Before The Storm, although it was created by Deck Nine and not Dontnod (the original development team).

For many fans of the franchise, Life is Strange: Before The Storm (LiS BTS) left something to be desired: specifically the time rewind mechanic. While the prequel may have scratched a narrative itch for the Life is Strange universe, it just wasn’t the same. Hopefully, this sequel in the franchise will take things back to their time altering roots. Like with any franchise, now that LiS is more established, expectations have been set; the bar has been raised. And with that, so has the price.

While the first episodic series could be purchased physically for just $19.99 continuing on in Arcadia Bay is going to cost you double, at $39.99. This 5 episode sequel is already available for preorder on PS4 and Xbox One.

Preordering Life is Strange 2 will land you the Mascot bundle: including backpack patches and a keyring based on the Life is Strange universe

While you wait for this title to arrive you can satiate those Life is Strange cravings by downloading The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit for free, a game set in the Life is Strange universe where some of your choices will (somehow) carry over into this official sequel.

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