New Gundam Breaker Patch Plans Released by Bandai Namco

Needless to say, New Gundam Breaker launched to a chorus of anguish and disappointment from fans in the west who were stoked to finally see a game in this series launch in the west. Unfortunately, it’s not only a big departure from the previous Gundam Breaker titles, but it also runs like your PlayStation 4 is a garbage disposal instead of a game console. Luckily (hopefully), Bandai Namco has published a huge New Gundam Breaker patch list of planned fixes and updates for the game, which might alleviate some of these problems.

The majority of these patches or updates are planned to release throughout July 2018, which is great because the game needs them ASAP. This includes the sorely needed “improved behavior and response,” “adjustment of camera and lock-on behavior,” and of course “parameter” adjustments. Currently New Gundam Breaker is clunky and unresponsive, has a super confusing camera and auto locking system, and often locks up in the middle of play, if it doesn’t outright freeze for several seconds at a time. There could be a fine game buried under all the technical issues, but until they’re all addressed we won’t know.

New content is planned for these updates as well, which includes the arrival of new Gundam models as part of a planned rollout of event missions, one such event being live now and offering the Gelgoog J upon completion. New battle stages will also be coming, as well as new modes of play for multiplayer. It all sounds great on paper, but of course the performance issues are of utmost importance if New Gundam Breaker is to have a chance at an early comeback.

[Source: Bandai Namco (Japanese)]