Sakura Sakura Visual Novel

Sakura Sakura Visual Novel Coming to PS4 and Vita in Japan

Sakura Sakura, the romance visual novel, is coming to PS4 and Vita in Japan on October 25th.

Sakura Sakura has three chapters and follows the stories of two protagonists. The first chapter follows the life of Tōru and his romantic relationship with Nanako and Sakura. Toru is a high school student living in the school dormitory. He is in love with Nanako, his classroom teacher and dormitory caretaker. One day, he tries to join a school art club, but is unsuccessful. Sakura, his classmate and vice president of the club, eventually allows him to join. He falls in love with her. Thus forming a love triangle between Nanako, Sakura, and Toru. Drama ensues.

The second chapter takes place a year afterwards and follows the life of Naoki, and his romantic relationship with his childhood friends Akira and Kurumi. In the third chapter, we’re back to continuing the relationship between Tōru, Nanako, and Sakura.

It is worth noting that in addition to being a romantic visual novel, this game is also an eroge (aka a Japanese pornographic video game). Gameplay wise players are making choices throughout with the goal of getting all the endings; some of these narrative pathways include Hentai (porn) scenes in which one of the main characters has sex with one of the heroines.

As far as what this release means for the West, Sol Press has created and fully funded a Kickstater to localize Sakura Sakura. However, the last update was April 28th, 2018 and mentioned the project is delayed without a release date. This localized version will be available for Windows and is an all-ages edition, removing all 18+ scenes, but can be upgraded to an uncensored version.