SIE Partner Oasis Announces Exclusive Publishing Rights to Upcoming Multiplayer Game

Oasis Games Limited, the strategic global publishing partner of Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai, has announced that it’s leading a $3 million strategic Series A investment into Vienna-based Iron Mountain Interactive. The European studio comprises of developers who have previously worked on franchises such as Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, Manhunt, and Dead Island.

In a press release, Oasis revealed that it’ll have a minority stake in Iron Mountain as part of its efforts to expand its presence in the West. The company will now have exclusive worldwide publishing rights to Iron Mountain’s unannounced competitive multiplayer “hero sport” game, which is expected to release globally sometime in 2019 for PlayStation 4, PC, and other unspecified consoles.

“Oasis Games shares our vision for bringing high-quality online multiplayer games to the world, and they have been doing so globally since 2011,” said Mike Borras, CEO of Iron Mountain Interactive. “I’m looking forward to working in partnership with Oasis Games to combine their Chinese and Global platforms and resources with our love for creating unique and ambitious multiplayer games that can be enjoyed on multiple platforms by millions of players around the world.”

Oasis Games’ CEO Yuhui Wang added that this partnership will allow the company to grow its business in the West together with Sony Interactive Entertainment Asia.