P.T. Remake on PC Almost Finished and Fully Playable

One of the most tragic stories of the Konami/Kojima breakdown was that not only was Silent Hills ultimately cancelled, but P.T. was lost in the crossfire. The “playable teaser” was practically a small horror game of its own, developing its own fanbase regardless of it being part of the Silent Hill series. Unfortunately, not only was the game delisted from the PlayStation Store, but even people who had already downloaded it before couldn’t re-download it either. In the aftermath, a number of efforts to develop a P.T. remake have progressed, and one is nearly done, and fully playable.

Before, the only way to get a hold of P.T. was to pay too much money for a PS4 with the game pre-installed. Now, a project simply called PT for PC is available for free, and fully playable despite not being 100% finished. The latest release was dropped over the weekend, version 0.9, and according to the developer is only missing some animations, and that makes it a “pubic length” from being completely finished. The developer is asking for playtesters to provide feedback, as well as dataminers to help them leverage the original P.T. to fill in the gaps.

The goal for PT for PC was to remake the game as faithfully as possible, and the developer has said they’ve had to teach themselves several things in order to get there, although some improvisation has been needed as well. By the time the finished project drops, which could be a matter of days (assuming Konami doesn’t step in to get it taken down), PT for PC will also support VR for version 1.0.

[Source: Game Jolt listing]