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RPG Maker MV Announced for PS4

The latest version of RPG Maker, a self-publishing platform that has dated back to the late 90s, is coming to consoles. Originally published on Steam in 2015, RPG Maker MV is coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One in 2019.

NIS America is once again handling publishing duties for the series, after releasing RPG Maker FES on the 3DS last year. This is also a return for the series to consoles, having not been present since RPG Maker 3 on the PlayStation 2 in 2005.

NIS America already has the game up for pre-order, and is offering a Limited Edition set via its online store. The Limited Edition comes with RPG Maker MV of course, a fancy box, the official soundtrack, and the RPG Maker MV Creator’s Log, which appears to be some sort of notepad for aspiring RPG makers.

Publishing your games is absolutely a part of the RPG Maker experience, and to that end, NIS America will also be releasing the RPG Maker MV Player app. This app will allow people to play games created with RPG Maker MV, even without having purchased the tool themselves.

For what it’s worth, multiple games created in various versions of RPG Maker have been commercially successful. This includes games like To the MoonLisa, and Corpse Party. It’s a lot of work though, so be prepared to take your time with RPG Maker MV.