STAY Release Date PS4

Try to Escape in Real Time with Pixel Art Thriller ‘STAY,’ Summer (PS4)

Already out on Xbox One and PS4 this pixel art thriller is making its way to PS4 and Nintendo Switch later this summer. Published by PQube and developed by Spanish indie studio Appnormals Team, STAY follows Quinn’s path: a therapist who wakes up locked in a mysterious room. The only help he has is a PC chat room (a relatable story already). The other member of the chat? You, the player.

Your goal is to help Quinn escape, making real-time suggestions that will determine his fate. Every second counts. “There’s no saying whether Quinn will be in one piece the next time you start up the game.” Equally unique is the fact that the player only “influence[s] Quinn rather than decide his every move,” explains Michael Fisher, Product Manager at PQube. He continues,”Indeed, it becomes quickly apparent that what Quinn does away from the PC – which is all monitored by CCTV – is as important to the mystery behind STAY as what he says when he’s at his keyboard… every moment the player spends away from their console or PC is a moment Quinn is left to his own devices. Will he survive without you?”

Below are all the game details to consider before taking responsibility for Quinn’s life:

STAY includes:

Real-time play – the clock never stops

STAY plays out in real-time, meaning that every minute spent away from the game is a minute Quinn is left alone. Drop out of conversations or leave Quinn to fend for himself for too long and there may be consequences to your actions.

Raise your empathy

Quinn is on edge, and every response matters. Prove yourself a compassionate ally and he’ll learn to trust you and share both his findings and deepest thoughts. Fail, and his emotions may work against you.

Interactive storytelling

Featuring 24 chapters, seven different endings, dozens of life-altering choices and entire webs of conversation, STAY is designed to be replayed multiple times. Explore myriad rooms and unearth hidden secrets in subsequent playthroughs to piece together the full story.

Uncover the truth

Webcams around the environment and on the computer enable you to watch and analyse Quinn’s reactions, mental state and actions while he is Away From Keyboard. Pick up on his lies, use that knowledge to your advantage and uncover the truth at the heart of STAY.

Solve mind-bending puzzles

Help Quinn get the better of the conundrums he encounters inside his prison by taking direct control of his actions during numerous puzzle sections.

STAY releases on PS4 and Nintendo Switch some time this Summer. Stay tuned for the official release date.