Hero Defense Trailer Shows Off a RTS, Tower-Defense, and RPG Combo

Hero Defense puts a unique spin on the tower defense genre by throwing in RTS and RPG elements. The game takes place in a dark fantasy world populated by vampires, werewolves, and zombies. All five heroes “can be improved in multiple ways.” This team of slayers is tasked with taking down legions of the undead, in order to destory the world’s most powerful vampire. Battle your way through various arenas in order to defeat count Necrosis. In addition to battling, there are RPG elements such as skill trees, runes, magic spells, mighty auras, and modifiable weapons. Check out the battle mechanics in this trailer:


  • Kill creeps fast to punish the enemy in an innovative mix of RTS and Tower Defens
  • Liberate your island, assemble your team and enjoy hours of a narrated story
  • Defeat gigantic bosses which challenge you with their special abilitie
  • Customize your heroes through a deep RPG layer
  • Rebuild your town and unlock new buildings and abilitie
  • Gain XP to access and level up each hero’s individual skill tre
  • Gather loot and equip spells that freeze, burn and poison the undea
  • Modify weapons by collecting and socketing powerful runes and customize your builds for devastating combos and skill-synergies
  • Replay procedurally generated enemies and endless mode challenges

Hero Defense arrives to Xbox One on August 15th and one later for PS4 and PC, on August 16th.