Stardew Valley Multiplayer is ‘Coming Soon’ to Consoles

It’s finally happening! After months and months of development, and a period of beta testing on Steam, Stardew Valley multiplayer is finally launching across the world as a full release. On August 1, the multiplayer update will launch for the PC version of Stardew Valley, across multiple platforms (Steam, Humble, GOG, etc).

In Stardew Valley, multiplayer isn’t a competition. A player can recruit up to three friends as farmhands, who work for the host player, or as farmers themselves. If they go for the second option, they then get a cabin on the host player’s farm. From there, everyone works together to make the best farm possible. In multiplayer, player characters can also get married to one another (and subsequently get divorced as well). They can also communicate through various emoji, along with a chat box.

While the PC update was dated, the same can’t be said for the various console versions. However, a new trailer released by Stardew Valley creator “ConcernedApe” announcing the date did include a little carrot on a stick for console players. At the end of the trailer, there’s a “coming soon” tease for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch Stardew Valley players. Sadly, Vita doesn’t appear to be part of the plan. Hopefully “soon” is soon and we won’t be left too far behind in the world of multiplayer farming and marriage shenanigans.

[Source: ConcernedApe via Twitter]