Enter the Gungeon Receives Long-Awaited Free Expansion, Advanced Gungeons and Draguns

Dodge Roll recently released its long-awaited Advanced Gungeons and Draguns expansion for Enter the Gungeon, the full patch notes for which are now available. The free update is pretty massive, and brings with it a plethora of fixes and improvements across all platforms.

Without further ado, check out the patch notes below:

Patch 2.0.0

New Features

  • New guns, items, enemies, shrines, NPCs, rooms, and secrets

  • Tons of new and powerful synergies – look for the blue arrow and improved item notification

  • New minibosses (Blockner’s Ghost and the all-new Fuselier)

  • New Spread Ammo box – adds a small amount of ammo to all equipped guns

  • Slide over tables by dodge rolling toward them!

  • Save hearts for later when at full health – pick them up at the new heart dispenser located at every floor entrance and shop (note: stored hearts are reset each floor!)

  • Added teleporters to more rooms (including chest rooms and exit rooms)

  • Turbo mode – delve into the Gungeon to find a new NPC who can enable this high-octane mode

  • Added a new gameplay option to increase movement speed when not in combat (for those who wanna go fast but don’t want to be shot at fast)

  • Added additional aim assist options (particularly for those who can’t or don’t like using the right stick)

  • Added Ultrawide support (set the graphics scaling to “Fast Scaling” or “Uniform Scaling”)

  • [Consoles] This update also includes the Payday items

Gameplay Changes/Improvements

  • Added a new loot profile which improves shop contents, increases room reward frequency, and tweaks item/chest drop rates to be more generous, particularly early in runs. This is enabled by default but can be changed in the options menu.

  • Replaced “key forcing” with tweaked key drop rates and guaranteed keys in the shops of the first two floors. There should no longer be any benefit to leaving a key uncollected.

  • Removed locked shops

  • Modified Robot balance (now receives casings for health up items and +1 armor for mastery tokens) [this is a buff on most platforms, but a reduction from what shipped on Switch]

  • Increased Hegemony credit drop rate, enabled credits to drop in shortcut runs, and added a credit reward for the first tutorial completion

  • Reduced the required kills on some of the longer Frifle hunts

  • Gave the smash tent and lost adventurer their own minimap icons

  • Added a new type of challenge for the Gunsling King

  • Glass Guon stones will no longer be stolen by the Resourceful Rat

  • Bullats can now drop casings if killed before they fire themselves

  • Charge guns can now be charged before entering a boss room and will keep their charge through the intro

  • Added an option to enable controller aim assist for beam weapons (formerly only worked on non-beam weapons)

  • Removed player-damage from several explosive items

  • Players now drop all items when killed in coop

  • Gave the Chaingunner a new attack with some range (watch out!)

  • Placed limits on boss attacks that leave the boss invulnerable for extended periods of time (High Priest and Cannonbalrog can each only use their immune attacks twice)

  • You may now receive a gun from the “shopkeeper” on taking the shortcut to the second floor, similar to the other shortcuts.

  • Skusket’s now spawn their bullets more slowly when the player is nearby (to reduce cases where the player takes damage immediately upon entering a room)

  • Reduced the effectiveness of player explosions destroying enemy bullets when many explosions are used rapidly

  • Sped up blobulon death animation speeds (to reduce the time you need to wait for them to split)

  • Made balancing changes to many guns and items (too many to list here)

  • Probably many other small things we’ve forgotten about!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where firing very large bullets could fail when the player was standing near a wall

  • Fixed an issue where Lead Maidens did not remain open when frozen

  • Fixed a dungeon generation bug that could cause hallways to incorrectly connect to nearby rooms (including corners of boss rooms)

  • Fixed an issue where starting weapons/items couldn’t be dropped by *any* character (should only be locked on the character that starts with that item)

  • Fixed an issue where moving platforms could become desynced, making some rooms difficult or impossible to traverse

  • Fixed an issue where ammolets failed to give extra blanks when loading a midgame save

  • Fixed an issue where some shootable projectiles were not considered targets for aim assist (specifically the Dragun, High Priest and the boss in the Pilot’s past)

  • Fixed an issue where some non-shootable objects were considered targets for aim assist (the Mine Flayer’s mines)

  • Fixed an issue where purple lanterns didn’t appear for some NPCs

  • Fixed an issue where aim assist behaved unpredictably on the Kill Pillars

  • Fixed an issue where Rubber Kin and Tazies could get stuck in doors, or clip through them causing a soft lock

  • Fixed an issue where the Resourceful Rat could steal some items from the floor of secret rooms

  • Fixed an issue where Keybullet Kin weren’t affected by aim assist, homing projectiles, orbitals or companions

  • Fixed an issue where debris would hover in the air after falling on a moving platform

  • Fixed an issue where the Yellow Chamber could fail to remove enemies

  • Fixed an issue where curse values didn’t persist on death in coop

  • Fixed an issue where enemies could spawn in the back wall of the Bullet King’s throne room

  • Fixed an issue where the Gorgun’s stone gaze didn’t affect some types of weapons

  • [Switch] Fixed an issue where an active item was missing from the Pilot’s past

  • [Switch] Fixed an issue where the right stick wasn’t zooming the minimap correctly

  • [Switch] Fixed some phantom Ammonomicon entries

  • [Switch] Fixed an issue where the Big Boy item could be stuck in an infinitely reusable state

  • [Switch] Fixed an issue where player beam weapons could create duplicate beams when affected by some status effects

  • [Switch] Fixed a crash caused by using the Sense of Direction in the shortcut shaft

  • [Switch] Fixed an issue that causes the game to become choppy after resuming from a long sleep

  • [Xbox/Windows Store] Fixed an issue where achievement catchup code was not properly running

  • [Xbox/Windows Store] Fixed a rare issue that could cause save corruption

Patch 2.0.1

  • Fixed several crash issues

  • Polished some of the new synergies

  • Rebalanced audio and fixed several missing sounds

  • Added a tutorial for [REDACTED]

  • Chaingunners can no longer use their new attack on new players

  • Fixed an issue where chests could begin spawning in every room on the first floor

Patch 2.0.2

  • Fixed an issue with coop and the new secret floor

  • Fixed a possible softlock caused by the DraGun’s door not opening

  • Fixed an audio issue which could cause guns to lose sound

  • Fixed an audio issue which could cause the game to lose all sound

  • Fixed an issue where using Save and Exit from the new secret floor reset players to the beginning of the run

  • Fixed an issue caused by killing a boss with the Combine Rifle

  • Fixed an issue where [REDACTED] could mistakenly spawn in the Breach

  • Fixed an issue with the Drill interacting with the new secret floor

  • Fixed a possible softlock caused by the Gripmaster grabbing the player in certain rooms

  • Fixed an issue with Snowballet’s damage scaling

Hotfix 1

  • Fixed an issue where placing the Beholster in a dungeon could cause a hung loading screen

Patch 2.0.3

  • Fixed a potential softlock when the player is grabbed by a Gripmaster (floating hand)

  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck in tables while sliding over them (particularly the shop table)

  • [REDACTED] mimics can no longer spawn in hallways

  • “Move faster out of combat” no longer affects the player while fighting a mimic in an unsealed room

  • Fixed an issue where shops with additional shop NPCs could still be locked

  • Lowered the volume in the GTCKTP room slightly

Patch 2.0.4

  • Fixed an issue where a few synergies could make the player invulnerable

  • Fixed an issue where a hidden enemy could prevent the DraGun’s door from opening

  • Fixed an issue where bullets would hang in the air near the save button for the secret entrance in the Gungeon

  • Fixed an issue where going to a new floor while one player is dead in coop could cause a softlock

  • Fixed an issue where VFX could remain stuck on certain transforming guns

  • Fixed an issue where Synergrace could grant Master Rounds

  • Fixed an issue where flying could prevent certain actions on the new secret floor

  • Fixed the Ammonomicon picture for a new gun

  • Fixed a generation issue where a certain room could have a gap near the southern door

  • Fixed a sound issue with the Shotgun Executioners

  • More audio balancing

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[Source: Reddit]