Explore a Communist Country in 2019 with Irony Curtain

If you ever wanted to take a trip to a totalitarian communist country, you’re in luck. Developer Artifex Mundi announced Irony Curtain, a satirical point-and-click adventure, will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 in 2019. In it, outsiders will visit the highly successful and flourishing communist country of Matryoshka.

Help tear down walls as the first westerner to bask in the glory of The Leader. As part of the trip, players will engage in minigames and puzzles of all kind. As you so do, you will uncover the secrets of this communist civilization. The longer you stay in Matryoshka, the more you will realize that everything is going perfectly. No issues at all here.

Watch a message from The Leader below:

Irony Curtain aims to tackle some hot-button issues in a satirical, comical way. You will encounter state officials such as Vlad, the totally necessary Minister of Communication (not Propaganda). After all, there is absolutely no unemployment in Matryoshka. Other delightful experiences the country has to offer include strip searches (for security), and a glut of wealthy (definitely not impoverished) citizens. All while exploring over twenty gloriously hand-painted locations.

Iron Curtain is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2019.