Moss Soundtrack Gets a Release Date, Polyarc Gifting It to Owners of the Game

After releasing three tracks earlier this year, Polyarc has finally announced the Moss soundtrack release date, and it’s coming up a lot faster than you may think. The full Moss soundtrack, complete with fifty-seven minutes of music across eleven tracks, will release on August 3rd. It is now available to preorder digitally on iTunesGoogle Play, and Amazon. If you purchased Moss sometime between its launch and August 17, 2018, Polyarc is gifting the digital version of the soundtrack for free as a thank you for supporting the game.

For collectors and those who want a more exclusive physical version, Polyarc is also releasing a limited edition CD and vinyl album. The covers of both feature a storybook design with gold foil and unique artwork inside the packaging. The vinyl, which has eight of the eleven tracks, is available for preorder on Materia Collective. You can also preorder the digital, CD, or vinyl versions of the soundtrack on Bandcamp.

Starting August 3rd, Polyarc will be offering a Moss game and soundtrack bundle on the PlayStation Store for $29.99. The bundle is available to everyone in North America and PlayStation Plus subscribers in Europe for two weeks. On August 17th, the bundle price will increase to $34.99, at which time the bundle will also be made available on Steam.

How to Get the Moss Soundtrack Free

If you already own Moss (or plan to get it by August 17th), then you’re eligible to get a digital copy of the Moss soundtrack for free. This is Polyarc’s way of saying thank you for your early support of the game. You’ll have to redeem your free Moss soundtrack before August 17th, though! Here’s how to redeem the soundtrack, based on where you purchased the game.

  • Steam: Gamers will find the soundtrack in the DLC section of Moss as part of the game update hitting August 3, 2018. Players have until August 17, 2018 to download the MP3 files, before the soundtrack is removed from the DLC section of the single game purchase.
  • PlayStation®VR: Gamers can go to the Moss Soundtrack page in the PlayStation®Store and are eligible to purchase the soundtrack free of charge through August 17, 2018.
  • HTC Vive: HTC will send gamers an email with a code allowing them to redeem and download the soundtrack from Bandcamp after August 17, 2018.
  • Oculus Rift, Amazon, GameStop and Physical Edition: Polyarc will send gamers a code allowing them to redeem and download the soundtrack from Bandcamp after August 17, 2018. Gamers need to send [email protected] proof of purchase by August 18, 2018 to be eligible.

It’s not yet clear if the PlayStation version of the soundtrack will be limited to the console or if players will have the ability to download the files elsewhere.

The Moss soundtrack is just one piece of an incredible game, made by a passionate group of developers that wanted to create an engaging, emotional, and immersive VR experience. Our Moss review looked at the whole experience, but we dove even further into the design and creation of Moss in our developer interviews with Composer Jason Graves, Sound Designer Stephen Hodde, and Animation Director Rick Lico.

Will you be picking up the Moss soundtrack when it releases on August 3?

[Source: Polyarc]