PS4 RPG Arc of Alchemist Reveals the Beauty of the Desert


Arc of Alchemist

Today is seems that the Amazon Japan product page offers the first info and media from Compile Heart’s upcoming game, Arc of Alchemist, which is currently in development for PlayStation 4.

The developers offer this quote along with the description of the game:

“Let’s dig it up, the hope buried beneath the sand.”

So, what’s the world all about in Arc of Alchemist? Here’s the word: “Mankind, who live on a dried up earth, heads to the mechanical desert in search of hope. Strategic action battles. Utilize the Luna Gear and explore vast fields. Create a variety of strategies by freely combining unique characters. Investigate the power sleeping within the desert with a party that suits your play style. Freely develop your base, and enjoy your adventure while utilizing the effects of the facilities you constructed.”

Check out the game’s main features below:

  • Battle System: Develop Various Strategies with Completely Free Party Composition – Arc of Alchemist utilizes a new type of action battle system in which various strategies can be developed. Form your ranks and head into strategic action battles together with your comrades.
  • Luna Gear: Clear New Paths with an Ancient Alchemist Device – In the world of Arc of Alchemist, there exists an ancient alchemist device called the Luna Gear, which can only be used by the protagonist Quin. Luna Gear parts, known as Orbs, each have their own attribute that enables the use of Gear Actions in the field, such as lighting a fire, creating wind, etc. By combining two orbs in battle, you can activate even more powerful Gear Actions, enabling attacks. Skillfully utilize the Luna Gear according to the situation to annihilate your enemies.
  • Construction: Build a Base to Aid Your Adventure – At the base, where Quin and company tide over, various facilities can be constructed that aid in character strengthening and exploration. Construct facilities that suit your play style, such as strengthening characters, enhancing equipment, etc. to build up a base all your own.
  • Exploration: Explore the Vast Desert in Search of a Great Power – The field is a vast desert. Monsters wander about these harsh lands, and mechanical traps block the player’s path in dungeons. Avoid traps, solve mysteries, and procure the “Great Power” to save mankind.

Arc of Alchemist is going to be released for PlayStation 4 on November 28 in Japan.

Meanwhile, Compile Heart has other titles under its belt, not the least of which is Brave Neptunia.

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[Source: Gematsu]