Lords of the Fallen 2 starting fresh

Lords of the Fallen 2 Development Starting Over

About two months ago, Polish company CI Games revealed that it has assigned a developer continue the creation of Lords of the Fallen 2, the Dark Souls-like action-RPG. The development of this sequel was in limbo for some time. However, things have picked up since then, and the project is now being handled by NYC-based Defiant Studios.

“We finally decided to move forward with Defiant because we were impressed with their game concept, production expertise, and the pedigree of their developers,” said CI Games boss Marek Tymiński.

We have learned that Lords of the Fallen 2 is getting a fresh start. This means that, for starters, Defiant Studios is not utilizing any existing design work that was completed by Tomasz Gop, the previous project lead, and his team, who were in pre-production for two years. Just in case you were worried, the game’s concept is going to remain the same, so it will still have gameplay mechanics very similar to Dark Souls.

“It’s really a reset, it’s a fresh start,” Defiant Studios managing director David Grijns revealed. “It’s a new engine—Unreal 4—and a new team. A team which does not have a long and illustrious background in action RPG development, but we actually see it as a strength.”

He added: “We are hopefully doing some things which will surprise fans of the first one [Lords of the Fallen 1], and we have an opportunity to expand the fanbase. There were a lot of people who were reticent to enter the subgenre of the very difficult…”

“Death simulator,” said Grijns.

“It’s like, ‘From Software rules the roost in this particular area of the badlands so abandon all hope ye who enter here.’ And those are exactly the sorts of projects we love. We have a very senior team and what senior people want is to be challenged. The higher the challenge technically and creatively, the more interested we get. When you’ve built a 400-square-mile game like Just Cause 3 with a lot of new tech, and taking a lot of tech risks, every mountain after that doesn’t seem so insurmountable. For us, having reached that peak, and looking out over the landscape, it’s like, ‘Alright what’s the next big challenge for us?'”

Yep, we all know how everyone loves a death simulator these days. Are you guys interested in Lords of the Fallen 2? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: Eurogamer.net]