Call of Duty’s Black Ops Subseries Has Accumulated Over 200 Million Registered Players to Date

As details of Activison Blizzard’s Q2 2018 earnings call continue trickling out, we’ve learned that Call of Duty’s Black Ops subseries has amassed over 200 million registered players to date since its inception in 2010. Over a period of almost 8 years, Black Ops titles have seen over 15 billion hours of gameplay.

These figures were revealed by Activision Blizzard executive Collister Johnson, who added that Black Ops 4 will build upon the trend set by its predecessors. 

We’re seeing it already now just with engagement even before launch. We had a really highly watched, and even to us, like really, really well-received reveal event, as you may remember, back in May. And we had that hands on multiplayer at E3 and we had major zombies announcements at Comic-Con. All three of those were building momentum.

We’ve also seen a tremendous amount of interest in the new Blackout mode. As I said, we teased it earlier this week and we just saw an overwhelmingly positive response to the trailer we put out. We think fans are really hungry for it. And we see it also in the play tests that we’re doing, both with our own teams and in confidential tests that we bring consumers through.

Collister believes that Black Ops 4, which is off to a strong start in terms of preorders, “might be one of the best installments of Call of Duty” that has been made to date.

[Source: Seeking Alpha]