Get an Exclusive In-Depth Look at Archiact’s Evasion on PSVR All Through August on PlayStation LifeStyle

Archiact is a studio that has a ton of experience with virtual reality, both in the developing and publishing worlds. They’ve published games such as Blasters of the Universe, Pierhead Arcade, Smashbox Arena, and Darknet, each of which has had their own unique spin on the VR experience. For the month of August, we’ll be putting a focus not on their publishing accomplishments, but on a game that Archiact is developing themselves: Evasion. The first time I heard about Evasion, it was described to me as “Destiny-style raiding in VR with bullet-hell FPS action,” so we jumped at the opportunity to provide PlayStation LifeStyle readers with an exclusive look at the upcoming game.

Starting Wednesday, August 8, we’ll be doing the first of four deep dives into Evasion’s hero classes. We’ll be starting with the Striker, a DPS class based on pure damage output. Later this month we’ll going over the Warden (a tank class to take damage for the team), Surgeon (a combat medic to keep the team alive), and Engineer (A “bit of balance and flare”). We’ll be going into their gameplay mechanics, weaponry, and a bit of their lore and history, including insights directly from the developers themselves. Along with the write-ups from the devs, we’ll have some awesome assets that the art department at Archiact has been working hard on

Evasion is a sci-fi bullet hell shooter arriving on PlayStation VR later this Fall. The game was developed by Archiact up in Vancouver, Canada, and was inspired by intense multiplayer shooter classics such as Galaga, Doom, and Borderlands. We’ve recruited Evasion’s Narrative Designer Peter Boychuk to share an in-depth look at the four unique hero classes, starting with the “glass cannon”: the Striker.

If you want to get a look at the game ahead of our upcoming deep dives into the Evasion hero classes, check out some of the screenshots in the gallery below. We may also have a few additional surprises from the developers throughout the month, so stay tuned to PSLS for all of the latest on Evasion.