Super Street: The Game Makes Aptly-Titled Debut in Gameplay Premiere Video

Super Street, an enthusiast network that has evolved from a magazine dedicated to all things street racing, is taking a new leap into a new medium with the appropriately-titled Super Street: The Game. The game is being created as a partnership between Motor Trend Group and Lion Castle Entertainment, and appears to have a car building and curation element in addition to the full-on street racing. In a new trailer, Lion Castle has debuted the gameplay for the first time ahead of gamescom.

In the video, which you can view above, we see gameplay demonstrated with a few different cars, notably at different stages of the build process. The key selling point here appears to be that you start from scratch with a car. Unlike in other games in which you’re customizing an already pristine vehicle, in Super Street: The Game there appears to be a line of progression from junk cars made from scrap, to the more magazine-friendly drift machines.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the gameplay is the vehicle conditions, related to their status, as well as the damage that can happen. These junk cars look pretty haggard, with giant holes in the back that no doubt contribute to their performance on the streets. We even see a car crash right into a signpost, and the gnarly consequences as it gets torn more or less in half. You don’t see that kind of thing nearly enough in more serious racing games, so I’m intrigued and looking forward to hearing more about this one.

Super Street: The Game is slated for release on the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and the PC on September 4, 2018.