What’s Going on With Cyberpunk 2077 This Time?

The power of cryptic internet marketing cannot be overstated. Right now, thousands of people are watching a bunch of garbled text scroll down a screen in a stream that has already been running for a few hours, as of 8:30am ET. The source is CD Projekt RED, developers of upcoming sci-fi RPG/shooter Cyberpunk 2077.

The stream is titled “DATA TRANSMISSION IN PROGRESS_,” and it’s literally a fictional, 1970s/1980s-style computer terminal-style feed with a garbled mess of numbers, letters, and other characters being continuously generated. Something is happening, folks!

CD Projekt RED hasn’t drawn any attention to the stream, as the company’s last post on Twitter is a job opening from several days ago. News of the stream has simply been spreading by word of mouth this morning.

Could it be a lead up to a new trailer? Perhaps we will get a look at some of the footage shown during the behind closed doors E3 2018 meetings? Maybe it’s tied to the recent news that Cyberpunk 2077 is playable from beginning to end, whatever that actually means in terms of game development.

Regardless, it’s a fun mystery. If nearly 40,000 people are willing to tune in and let that bad boy run until whatever is supposed to happen finally happens, all I can say is more power to CD Projekt RED.

[Source: Twitch]