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PlayStation Gear Store Appears to Have Been Quietly Discontinued

It appears that the PlayStation Gear Store has vanished. Its website now redirects to the PlayStation items on GameStop’s website. Rather than be a store in its own right, PlayStation Gear has been relegated to a GameStop category.

We only recently discovered this, but it seems that tweets regarding this shift date back as early as mid-July 2018. While this doesn’t seem like it has had an effect on the range or price of items, it’s yet another way gamers are limited in their options as consumers.

This, combined with the end of Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked and Amazon Prime’s preorder discount, means that all roads lead to GameStop. (Although, even it cut back on its deals.)

Of course, there will always be other third parties to buy PlayStation merchandise from. For instance, here at PlayStation Lifestyle, we always cover the latest and coolest PlayStation related gear available via Play-Asia. From Resident Evil garb to that pretty PlayStation Icons Light, we have got you covered.

Still, there was something nice about buying directly from PlayStation itself. There will never be an end to rocking your fandom or adding some geekery to your home but the death of the PlayStation Gear store is the end of an era.

Did you ever shop via PlayStation Gear? Do you care who distributes your merchandise or is it just a matter of getting it (for a good price)? Share your shopping habits in the comments below.