Prison Architect Escape Mode DLC PS4

Help Inmates Escape Your Prisons With Prison Architect’s Escape Mode

Prison Architect‘s Escape Mode DLC, has finally made its way to the PS4. Normally in this prison CEO simulator game, you build and manage a prison. In Escape Mode, you take on the role of an inmate trying to escape your own prison. Rather than make this a direct port of the PC version’s add-on, the team wanted to give console players an improved experience.

Here’s a trailer for Prison Architect’s Escape Mode. 

Tom Pedalino, Game Designer at Prison Architect developer Double Eleven, detailed what fans can expect from Escape Mode on the PlayStation Blog. He stated:

After a lot of thumb-twiddling, we realized that to really encapsulate the feeling of a prison escape, you need to tap into the inmate’s dual life; blend in like a regular prisoner going about their daily routine, while slowly and meticulously plotting their escape.

To get out, you need to keep certain objectives in mind for your prisoner and find a way to slip out of a daily schedule without arousing suspicion. You need to care of needs, like eating and staying clean, to avoid negative status effects and regular searches. Taking care of yourself and maintaining a job will show you are a “well-behaved” prisoner who deserves extra cash and XP. Though, if you are feeling risky, you can also try for more XP and cash by being reckless and dealing with crime bosses and dealers in missions. You could use that earned XP on skills, like Lockpicking or Sabotage, to aid in your escape. Once you are well-rounded, skilled, wealthy, and flying under the radar, you can create a crew and start your escape.

Players can use their own Prison Architect maps or download prisons across the globe with World of Wardens. While Pedalino didn’t state the details he promised systems were put in play behind the scenes “to make sure that even if someone uploaded a really terrible map, it would still be fun to play.”

Prison Architect‘s Escape Mode DLC is available now on the PlayStation Store for $8.99. (The base game is $24.99.) It even adds six more endings, thirteen extra trophies, and twenty-seven new Snapshots.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]