Tips to Win the Cold War in Phantom Doctrine

Welcome to PlayStation LifeStyle’s tip guide for Phantom Doctrine. This turn-based strategy game takes place in a Cold War like setting in an alternate reality. There are a few things that will help get you through the game, but the biggest thing to keep in mind is stealth. When you aren’t detected, you’ll be in infiltrator mode. The game is much easier and more manageable while in infiltrator mode. If you’re spotted, things will get very difficult. Until you get the hang of things, take the game slow and play deliberately. If you need a little more information on the game, check out our Phantom Doctrine review.

Play it Smart

  • Before making any moves, select an enemy to reveal their path. This will help you as you plan out your next steps.
  • Try to save as much money as you can. When your Danger meter gets too high, you’ll have to move your hideout, which can be very expensive.
  • Get a Forger as soon as you can. This will increase how much money you earn. You can use the Workshop to increase how many forgers you have and how much money they make.
  • Before starting a mission, always use the Recon ability to gain more options during missions. The more options you have, the easier the missions can be for you.
  • Make use of smoke grenades. Throwing one will shield you from the enemy and you won’t take any damage. Smoke grenades are especially helpful during extractions.

Stealth, Stealth, Stealth

  • Stay hidden! Being spotted will make things considerably more difficult for you. Once you’re spotted, the enemy won’t give up. You’ll either be killed or you’ll have to escape. You can’t kill off the enemy either because they’ll just bring in more reinforcements.
  • Use suppressors on your weapons. Obviously, keeping things quiet will help to avoid being spotted by the enemy.
  • Keep your eyes open for security cameras and restricted areas. Disable any cameras in your way and stay out of the restricted areas.
  • Be sure to use the Actor skill. This will disguise your agents and they will not be detected by the enemy. This is a skill that is unlocked through character progression. You’ll only be discovered if you do something suspicious in front of an enemy.
  • If you incapacitate an enemy, make sure to hide the body.
  • Always check a room before entering. Get to the side of a door and you’ll be given the option to look inside before entering.

Final Tips

  • Save your game often. There are a lot of things that can happen to you and your agents. Agents can die, you may have to find a new hideout or even a wrong choice during a mission can lead to many issues down the road. I know, this is probably considered “cheap,” but it doesn’t hurt to have a backup save file.
  • Make sure to only call in for an evacuation when you are near the evac point. Once the van arrives, there will be a compromised countdown. If you’re too far, you won’t make it in time.
  • Pick up any evidence that you may find. The evidence can be used with the evidence board which will then reveal more enemies to you.