Real Screenshot or Fake Episode 3: Shrine Maidens

The time has come to determine how good your decision making skills are. It is time for “Real or Fake?” In each entry, two screenshots are presented. I suggest that this could be a possible PlayStation platform game that people could pick and play immediately. It is then up to you to determine if what you are seeing is real or fake. This week, I am offering up a slice of life. Let’s meet some shrine maidens!

My assertion is that this is an image taken from an adventure you can enjoy on your PlayStation 4. Players step into the shoes of a young shrine maiden who is learning to become a priestess. You interact with her friends, attend classes, perform duties, and perhaps even fall in love. There is no combat, only opportunities to see these young women interact with one another and possibly accomplish personal goals.

Take a look at both of these screenshots. Do not turn to Google to cheat. Do you really think there is a PlayStation 4 life sim out there that allows you to help a shrine maiden find her way in the world?

real screenshot or fake

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