PlayStation is (almost) the King of Brands in the UK

Games Industry reported today on Prophet, a consultation company, releasing its annual Brand Relevance Index. This particular report is about the standing of various brands in the UK, which PlayStation has shot up the ranks of. Leaving last year’s #9 spot behind, PlayStation now sits in the top three, resting soundly at #3.

This data comes from a survey of 11,500 UK consumers, which included 27 categories and an overall total of around 240 brands. PlayStation’s #3 puts it only under the champion, Apple, and LEGO, which surprisingly sits at #2. Perhaps more surprising is that PlayStation beat out the likes of Google, Netflix, and Amazon, all of which reside in the top ten.

Compared to the two other big video game brands, Nintendo is at #11, an increase of two spots, and Xbox is at #17, which is actually a drop of six.

It’s much less of a contest in the US. PlayStation is at #13, Microsoft is at #25, and Nintendo is nowhere to be seen in a list of 299 brands. Apple, though, holds the top spot here as well.

It’s worth noting that Prophet has consumers rank brands based on four categories: Customer Obsessed, Ruthlessly Pragmatic, Pervasively Innovative, and Distinctively Inspired. Those are certainly some adverbs. PlayStation appears close to maxed out in every category, save for Ruthlessly Pragmatic, which may have costed that top spot.

[Source: Games Industry, Prophet]