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The Ten Games HBO Must Adapt

I’m in a perpetual state of eye-rolling whenever I hear that a video game is being adapted to film. I held my breath for Resident Evil and Silent Hill, but after Prince of PersiaI vowed never to be hurt again. I forsook my vow when Assassin’s Creed arrived, because surely a movie starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard about an ancient order of assassins would be decent. I had forgotten the venomous aftertaste left in the wake of previous adaptations and suffered for it once again, choked by the mediocrity of incessant quipping and a jarring lack of visual subtlety.

Our games deserve better. That’s why I’ve compiled a wish list of games I’d like to see adapted by HBO. Their 8-12 episode series structure is a space that allows a story to breathe. The upcoming Witcher TV series could be the stepping stone we need, but that’s being written by the people behind The Defenders (I don’t know how, either), so, putting that aside, let’s get wishin’.

What games would you like to see turned into an HBO-esque series? Let us know below!

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