Exodus: Rising is an Ambitious Open-World Game Developed by Studio 14

In a recent post to Imgur, indie-developer Studio 14 took time to share some of their concepts for their new title, Exodus: Rising, a single-player/co-op action RPG that seems to take inspiration from both Fable and Magicka. The game has been in development for three years, and was recently featured at this year’s EGX in the UK, where a pre-alpha demo was showcased for those in attendance. There’s also a demo within the description for those with optimal PCs that would like to test the game before it drops on the PS4 sometime in 2019.

Exodus aims to make full use of a character customization system that stems from their slogan “I’m a…”, emphasizing the lack of restrictions that come with making your character your own. There is a current core set of 24 skills, each ranging from magical to alchemical, which will also build upon a crafting system that allows you to implement certain properties into your weapons and armor.

What’s most interesting about their customization is the lack of leveling or stat changes that occur with characters and equipment. Each ability, weapon, and piece of armor seems to come with a very specific purpose, meaning you’ll have to rely on your skill with certain builds to succeed when traversing the world of Byrne.

This is to be one of several full titles in the series, not to be confused with DLC. Studio 14 has stated that they want to deliver different parts of their realized world to explore in full installments, each delivering “an expansive world full of unique citizens, factions, caves, hideouts, conflicts, and personal stories that can be interacted with however you see fit.”

You can check out the developer’s Kickstarter page for the gameplay trailer and more information.