Guerilla Games Hired Ex-Rainbow Six Talent for ‘Secret Game’

Eurogamer, via some observations from the ResetEra community, is reporting that Guerilla Games of Horizon and Killzone fame has made a couple of intriguing hires. Both of these talent acquisitions have come from Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege team, and both of them are working on an unnamed, unannounced new game.

The first hire was from several months ago and added Rainbow Six: Siege Director Simon Larouche. Larouche, who had worked at Guerilla Games (on Killzone 2) before his stint at Ubisoft, noted on his LinkedIn page that he’s working on “Secret Game is Secret” at Guerilla.

The second hire is Chris Lee, who worked on Rainbow Six: Siege as a online and multiplayer designer. He’s a much more recent hire from October 2018, and is Principal Game Designer on an unannounced game at Guerilla.

These hires were far apart, but if they’re working on the same game, this could point to either the genre of this secret game or its structure. Rainbow Six: Siege is both a shooter and a more serious, competitive squad-based game that requires good teamwork to be successful.

Bringing over prominent talent from that game to whatever Guerilla is making doesn’t confirm anything, but it could be a slight clue as to what could be next.

[Source: Eurogamer]