RUMOR: Naughty Dog Casting for New ‘Secret Project’

The rumor mill is spinning once again, this time with another alleged casting call that has landed right around the same time as another big casting rumor.

This comes from the LA-based “DanielRPK” on Twitter, who is a writer for Super Bro Movies and has a reputation as an insider for goings-on in the entertainment industry. In a couple of tweets, Daniel claims that there is a casting call going around in LA, from Naughty Dog, about a “secret project” in the works.

One of the lead roles, allegedly, is a black male in his 40s-60s, and a picture of Chad Coleman as Tyreese in AMC’s The Walking Dead is apparently attached as a reference for desired builds/body types. Naughty Dog of course is a big motion capture studio, so it makes sense to specify beyond what would otherwise be primarily a voice role.

Obviously, like other rumors we report on, you’ll want to take this with a grain of salt. Naughty Dog is of course focusing primarily on The Last of Us Part II at the moment, which doesn’t even have a release date yet.

Most recently, Naughty Dog dropped a bunch of content for The Last of Us Part II on Outbreak Day, including some new PSN flair that isn’t free anymore, but still available for purchase.

[Source: Twitter]