Arrowhead Game Studios Reportedly Working on Third-Person, Online Game

Arrowhead Game Studios, developer of GauntletMagicka, and Helldivers, is working on something new. Of course it is, but a report from The Indie Game Website is claiming to have information on the kind of game the developer is working on.

According to this report, which stems from a yet to be published interview, the next project from Arrowhead Game Studios will be a departure from its usual fare, which has typically been top-down co-op action games with a focus on local play. This time, not only will the game be third-person, but the co-op action will be reserved for online play.

Here is a quote published by The Indie Game Website, attributed to Arrowhead Game Studios co-founder Johan Pilestedt:

We have to go down this route. We have to see how can we expose a lot more players to our bizarre way of making games where we don’t adhere to a lot of the kind of conventions that exist within the gaming industry. We try to play a lot with the emotion of the people playing the game and also how people interact as they’re playing the game… I think at least as much happens between the people playing a game together as [it] does within the game. So we want to really experiment with that.

[Source: The Indie Game Website]